Silicone Food Storage Bags ( PEVA)

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The reusable food storage bags are eco friendly and made out of recyclable material. They are made out of PEVA material, reusable storage bags and are PVC Free, Chloride - Free, BPA free. The reusable bags are cold and heat resistant .Easy to clean by hand washing or it can be place into the dishwasher. 

- The storage bags come in a set of three different sizes: Small, Medium, Large 

- Random Colors, No set color


Small = 

Medium = 

Large = 

How are they packaged? 

  • The 3 piece set comes with a small, medium, and large sized bag.
  • The 4 piece set are all medium sized bags.
  • The 5 piece set comes with 3 large and 2 medium sized bags.  
  • The 10 piece set comes with 6 large and 4 medium sized bags. 

How to care for these kind of bags? 

They can be hand washed or simply put into the dishwasher after use to be reused again. Say BYE 👋🏽 to plastic Ziplock bags! 

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