Multi-function Under Cabinet Cap Opener

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Features: 1. Effortlessly open jars: effortlessly unscrew and open stubborn jars with ease. 2. Suitable for any size jar: our opener can help you easily loosen tamper-proof, vacuum-sealed lids and those with even smooth edges. 3. Sturdy & durable design: our jar opener is made from durable plastic with heavy-duty steel teeth that will easily grip any jar as you twist it. 4. Save space: this jar lid opener will always be right where you need it without cluttering your countertops, drawers. 5. Perfect for arthritis and weak hands, no need to strain yourself to open a jar of pickles, jam, or jelly. Description: Under cabinet jar opener, small and portable, it is a very user-friendly life helper. Specifications: Type: Under cabinet jar opener Color: white Size: 7.1" X 0.75" Blade material: Carbon Steel Package Included: 1* Under cabinet jar opener