About Us


Hi! Thanks for visiting our page. I am Rachelle Cook, the owner & CEO of Kitchen-nista. 

Kitchen-nista was created out of my passion for cooking and cooking with beautiful and durable utensils and accessories. Growing up with a mom who was a chef, food was always the center of our family gatherings My mom always made sure the food presentation was an event. What my dad, family or friends didn't know was the struggle my mom experienced in the kitchen with whompy utensils and sometimes inconsistent recipes due to the lack of proper kitchenware. 

As I got older, I got bit by the love for cooking passion too but it took the pandemic for me to realize that I noticed I could use an upgrade to my kitchenware. I began researching and trying out kitchenware but still couldn’t find what I needed and that's when Kitchn-nista was born. 

Kitchen-nista products are beautifully designed to withstand the heat in the kitchen of a professional chef to an everyday cook. Our products are edgy and modern because of its colors and unique shapes which are perfect for presentation. Our digital measuring cup and foldable electric kettle is an example of our high quality and latest kitchen technology products. Cooking with beautifully affordable and durable kitchenware makes food preparation “funner” and easier.

Happy Cooking, and please stop by frequently.