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Lunch Box Capacity

Rechargeable Heated Lunchbox

Want to enjoy hot, hot meals quickly when you're on the move or on a break at work? The HeaterBox is certainly the device that will change your daily life!

HOT DISH WHEREVER YOU ARE: Our HeaterBox will give you access to hot meals in 10 minutes, wherever you go, even by car! Plug it into a power outlet or a cigarette lighter socket using the chargers provided, to heat your meals.

BETTER ORGANIZATION: The HeaterBox has several compartments to organize your meal between hot food (rice, pasta, lentils, meat, chicken) and cold salad-type foods. Save the all-in-one.

SAVE TIME AND MONEY No need to pay for food, wait to be served, or stand in line in the microwave at the office. The Heaterbox can contain up to 1.5L of food to enjoy a complete meal sufficient for the whole day.

HOW IT WORKS ? The HeaterBox has a dual power supply to heat your dishes. You can connect the box to the mains or directly to the cigarette lighter of your vehicle. Once plugged in, turn it on and wait for your dish to heat up automatically, enjoy a hot dish 10 minutes later.

Warm up your food quickly and efficiently with our Heated Lunch Box!

You can enjoy hot food, wherever you are without the need for a microwave.

This multi-functional food warmer is very practical, durable and easy to use and clean, perfect for long days out.